What do Patients Think about Christian Science Nursing?

Patients at Fern Lodge, when asked to express what has especially touched them about Christian Science nursing, revealed surprising and thoughtful answers. It often is the simplest things we do our of pure love that hold the power to help a patient keep his or her thought in line with Love, and away from fear or confusion. Here are a few sample comments:

• “Just to have someone help me get up in the morning is something I really appreciate. The willingness of the nurses to do what I cannot do for myself, helps me to feel that I am still active in Life.”

• “All one has to do is look as though you need something, and it will be there! I find that to be such a pure reflection of Love! That is so much like God. It makes me feel very much cared for, to know that my needs are met with Love.”

• “Every nurse expresses love. To feel this love makes me feel cared for … it is such a sweet feeling to feel love in the little things .”

• “I love the nurses because they are so honest and helpful , and they never complain. I am very grateful for this help. It makes me feel that I can do anything the Lord asks me to do.”

• “The tenderness and joviality of the nurses gives me hope.”

• “It is so comforting to feel the Christ in their presence. The nurses are so sincere and honest and loving. Love is always present when they are near.”

• “The nurses are so expressive of Love and Truth. The feeling I get of Love when they come into my room and talk to me from the heart of Christ makes me feel God’s presence, and I forget what error is telling me.”

• “I love how the nurses are always so focused. That focus gives me strength to deal with challenges. It really brings a smile to my face, just when I think it is an unsmileable situation. The love of the nurses expressed makes me feel enfolded in a great big hug.”

A group of patients got together and wrote to Sharon Strong, the Fern Lodge Director of Christian Science Nursing, “Thank you for all the times you remember who we really are in the exact moment when we forget. You see, the battle wages fiercely some days, and we are too busy trying to wield our sword of Spirit to thank you in the ways we know we should. The truth is that we can never thank you enough for coming into the battle and wielding your sword right along side us. Thank you, dearest friend, for the warfare you do on our behalf, and for the Christ-light of your love, which speaks a language beyond words, a language filled with light, that makes us feel that darkness cannot last.”

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