Christian Science Nursing Education Opportunities

At Fern Lodge a practicing Christian Scientist can gain the necessary skills, judgments, and practical experience Mary Baker Eddy envisioned for a Christian Science nurse (Church Manual, pg 49). We welcome individuals who are able to heal themselves through their own prayers, who have hearts full of love and cheerful dispositions.

Fern Lodge offers a flexible, professional approach to Christian Science nursing education. Courses are offered regularly throughout the year. Experienced Christian Science nurses provide classroom instruction in subjects such as Ethics; Patient Handling techniques; Food Preparation and Modification; Personal Care and Bathing; Bed Care; Special Nourishment Needs; Cleansing and Bandaging of wounds; Legal Issues; Special Care Needs, including Sudden Care Needs; Care of Mental Needs; and In-Home Nursing. Stand alone courses in Supervision, Maternity Nursing, and Christian Science Nursing are available.

Class sizes of 3-4 provide an intimate setting and enable a close working relationship between students and instructors. An ethics class may convene on a walk in a nearby park, a bandaging class at a Christian Science camp, a foods class in an instructor’s home nearby. For three years, a thorough course in Christian Science nursing was held for three women in a remote location three hours from the facility. A Christian Science nurse may fit in a course around a home case. Some have come from other facilities for several weeks of classroom and on-job instruction. Others take a class before or after their shift. These alternate environments promote a mental flexibility important for the expression of that practical wisdom so requisite in order to give proper care to the sick. These ideas are evidence of “Creative Mind, all good supplying” (Hymn 381).

Qualifying candidates may be employed at the facility for on-job instruction. Hands-on instruction with a mentor or on-job instructor carefully shepherds nurses from theory into practice of what has been taught in classes. On-job instructors demonstrate skills that can be learned only from experience. In this way completeness is brought to the course work. On-job instruction begins when a student finishes the 6-week classroom instruction. Afterwards, one day a week until the next level begins, students return to the classroom to further refine their skills, ask questions, and share their growing understanding. In each phase of Christian Science nursing education, students and instructors bear witness together to the assurance in John 6:45, “They shall be all taught of God.”

Fern Lodge also works with qualified individuals from Spanish speaking countries, designing programs for them to learn Christian Science nursing while improving their English. Courses have been translated into Spanish. This year, a patient from Central America was grateful to be cared for by Christian Science nurses who spoke his own language.

Our Christian Science nursing program is as thorough and comprehensive as any being offered elsewhere. We provide distinct and unique educational opportunities. We take seriously the education of sincere Christian Science church members who exhibit promising, practical, loving natures and the prayerful ability to make sound judgments in the care of others. Our complete education program helps individuals learn to care for all mankind, not just the patients in the facility. Those who complete the Fern Lodge courses and who demonstrate their own practice of Christian Science nursing may be qualified to advertise in the Christian Science Journal. Whatever the setting or language, the Christian Science nursing principles remain the same, are universal, and immediately available.

Interested? Please contact Sharon Strong, Director of Christian Science Nursing, for an application or to ask questions. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 510-886-2448 ext. 225 .

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