Message from the Administrator 2009

One afternoon not long ago I was working at my desk when I heard music coming from outside. I opened my door, and on the patio I saw a small group of guests gathered around a man who was playing sweet and lively melodies on his fiddle. His mom was one of those in the group listening, and I was grateful, both that I had this chance to hear some music in a style that I really enjoy, and that this dear mother and son were sharing the priceless gifts of their time and his talent with others who had come to Fern Lodge for Christian Science nursing care.

As I listened to what sounded to me like Appalachian folk tunes, I noticed a Fern Lodge employee who works in the kitchen come out and sit nearby, listening. This young man is Hispanic. I’ve heard, and I appreciate, the music he listens to in the kitchen. I don’t think mountain fiddle songs are on his iPod, but when one of the tunes ended and the group on the patio applauded, both he and I joined in the applause, and I heard our kitchen worker say, “That was nice!”

Each of us who heard that fine fiddle player was enveloped by the harmony of music, the expression of God-given and much-practiced talent, the generous affection of family and Christian friendship, the fruits of work done well. We all were embraced in divine Love, revealing to each of us something of our own identity in the family of God’s children, not limited or defined by age, occupation, nationality, language, or physical appearance and ability.

Our experience that afternoon demonstrated the spiritual qualities that make Fern Lodge a place for healing. Loving friends, helpful staff, gracious accommodations and beautiful grounds are visible indications of the deep spirituality and steadfast trust in God that form the foundation for and permeate every aspect of the healing mission of Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge.

In this Fern Lodge Focus we will share with you information about this precious Christian Science nursing facility. We’ll shine our light of love on the healing Christian Science nursing services we offer. You’ll learn about the Christian Science nursing education opportunities we offer. We’ll tell you about our benevolence policy and ask you to join us in providing the necessary resources to ensure the availability of the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge and beyond. And as you read, if you are wondering what the pictures are in the background of this Focus, they are photos of flowers from the Fern Lodge gardens.

Also in this Focus, you will find excerpts of the wonderful annual meeting talk given by our speaker, Trinka Wasik, C.S., on the topic, “Christ Alive.”

We extend our warm welcome to you and invite you to come for a visit to see, hear, and feel the love that characterizes the ministry of Christian Science nursing and the work of the Fern Lodge staff in demonstration and support of that spiritual, healing ministry.

Welcome to Fern Lodge,

George Strong

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