Our Purpose is to Heal

To fulfill our purpose Fern Lodge provides the following services:
• Christian Science nursing for individuals who rely wholly on Christian Science for healing;
• Benevolence for patients who qualify;
• Education in Christian Science nursing, including bilingual English/Spanish instruction;
• Helpful in formation about Christian Science nursing and the unique role of Fern Lodge.

The Christian Science nursing ministry fulfills the law of God because it is a manifestation of divine Love, and Christian Science nurses reflect God’s love in the tender care they offer. Christian Science nursing is a vital aspect of the healing mission of Christian Science, and every day, in each case, we expect healing to result from the spiritually inspired understanding of the services given by Christian Science nurses on our staff.

Here is an overview of the Christian Science nursing services available at Fern Lodge.

Christian Science Nursing Care at Fern Lodge

Fern Lodge offers Christian Science nursing to meet a full range of individual needs, including loving assistance with normal activities of daily living and skillful care for physical and mental conditions that require a great degree of attentiveness to divine Truth and Love, as well as practical prayer and assistance. Our dedicated staff of faithful, inspired, educated and experienced Christian Science nurses provide and oversee the tender, healing care given for those who come for a stay at the Fern Lodge facility.

Outpatient and Home Care
Fern Lodge Christian Science nursing staff members are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give practical inspiration, calm presence, and skillful Christian Science nursing to meet immediate needs that do not require an individual to stay at out facility. Among our many talents, we are good at cleansing and bandaging any injuries, removing splinters, keeping fingernails and toenails clean, neat and safe. In some cases Fern Lodge staff members will visit and care for individuals for short periods in their own homes, and in case of sudden needs they may stay for more extended periods.

Day Care
The same Christian Science nursing services we give for those who stay at Fern Lodge are available for individuals who have good care in a home setting, but who can benefit from coming to Fern Lodge during the day, perhaps while others who give care are at work or away on vacation. Christian Science nursing services, our excellent meals, and a range of interesting, informative and inspiring activities all are provided throughout the day.

Rest & Study
The quiet and secluded setting of the Fern Lodge facility offers a calm and secure place for Christian Scientists to recruit and restore. Delicious meals are provided either among others at Fern Lodge or in the privacy of your room. We have a library of Christian Science literature and recordings available for you to borrow, and access to the Internet is available to assist you in your study and research. At this time we have only a few rooms that may be used for rest and study, so if you wish to use this service please contact Fern Lodge in advance.

Consultation Services
Christian Science nurses on the Fern Lodge staff are glad to answer questions about nursing needs. They many instruct others, including family and friends, in giving care, knowing that God provides the ability and guidance that leads to proper care of the sick. In every case our goal and commitment is to recognize and realize the practical, spiritual care of divine Love, meeting every human need for comfort, protection, and immediate as well as on-going aid and assistance.

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