Payment for Service and Benevolence

No one who would benefit from and be blessed by Christian Science nursing care should hesitate to call Fern Lodge because of financial considerations. We understand that divine Love’s provision meets every human need, including the supply that provides for all necessary care.

Christian Science nursing care at Fern Lodge may be partially paid for by the Medicare or Medi-Cal programs, if the specific requirements of those programs are met. The Fern Lodge office staff will be happy to answer your questions about either program and also about individual health care insurance. While we participate in these government funding programs, we pray to be free from any influence that might interfere with full reliance on Christ, the divine, healing influence ever present in human consciousness.

Fern Lodge provides Christian Science nursing care for individuals without regard to the length of time care is needed, and in many cases individuals who need care are able to pay only a portion of the cost. We are grateful to God for His unfailing provision for each of His children, and we gladly accept guests who lack financial resources to pay for their care. Fern Lodge does not have an endowment fund or investments to draw on to give financial aid. Gifts from many supporters provide the funds to help those who need such aid while at Fern Lodge.

Benevolence is simply good will for others. Benevolent funds come from the good will of many individuals, churches, and Christian Science student associations who see and help meet the needs of deserving Christian Scientists. These funds may come in the form of financial gifts or bequests of cash or other resources such as stocks, bonds or real estate. We are deeply grateful to all who give in support of Christian Science nursing services, at Fern Lodge or elsewhere.

To help ensure the availability of Christian Science nursing throughout the country, Fern Lodge is working with other Christian Science nursing facilities to found a national Benevolence Fund for Christian Science Nursing Care.

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