A Visit to Argentina, Jan 2010

Stella and Carlos are thanked by some of the grateful attendants of the talk in Buenos Aires.

With humble gratitude Fern Lodge accepted an invitation to share information about Christian Science nursing education opportunities with Christian Scientists in South America.  Two years ago Carlos Ley, a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse on our staff, traveled through South America to speak about Christian Science nursing.  He gave talks and conducted individual interviews in Peru, Argentina and Brazil.  This year we were invited back to Argentina and Brazil to provide information and resources to groups of Christian Scientists there who are working to found Christian Science nursing facilities and education programs.  Sharon and George Strong, the Fern Lodge  Director of Christian Science Nursing and Administrator went, accompanied by Carlos, whose translating skills were essential for this work.

Several years ago Christian Scientists in Buenos Aires formed El Arca for the purpose of providing Christian Science nursing services in their community.  Recently they purchased

Sharon with some of our new friends in the back yard of El Arca.

and renovated a building, pictured in the center below, that will be used both for nursing and teaching.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to stay at the facility, El Arca, where Stella Ibarra, CS, who is their board president, took delightful care of us.  We conducted interviews there with several Christian Scientists who are immediately interested in helping their fellow man through the Christian Science nursing ministry.  During the visit to Buenos Aires, George gave a talk in Second Church of Christ, Scientist on the healing influence of Christian Science nursing and its importance to individual salvation.  The talk was attended by over 40 people, and it was followed by questions and answers and a lively discussion.

To see more pictures from the trip, click here.

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