Construction Update

Architect’s drawing of the new entrance to the Christian Science nursing wing.

As reported in our May Focus, Fern Lodge has plans for construction of a new entrance and reception area for the Christian Science Nursing building at the facility and for a significant addition to our parking lot. In conversations with the Alameda County Building Department and our neighbors on Madison Avenue, we learned that the original plan for the new parking area must be revised, and we will keep you informed of progress on this project.

Now we are going ahead with the building addition. We have selected a contractor and submitted the working plans for approval. The total cost of this portion of the Fern Lodge construction project will be $200,000. We gratefully will welcome all donations to help us make this much-needed facility improvement, while we continue to provide substantial benevolence for those who need it to help pay the full cost of Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge.

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