“Living Eternal Life” —our annual meeting topic

We asked guests at Fern Lodge if they would like to share ideas about “Living Eternal Life.” They replied:

Eternal Life

• …is our true consciousness.

• …is living in the grace of God’s consciousness.

• …is infinite good appearing in one’s life and as one’s life because of our focus on God’s ever-present good as the only reality.

• …is being exclusively conscious of omnipotent good in the present moment.

• …One experiences infinite good when one holds to the truth and claims the presence of the allness of God’s infinite goodness.

• …is expressing the perfection of God. It is the freedom to Love, because one knows only Love.

• …is dwelling wholly in a good thought until that thought becomes an active presence in one’s life.

• …is that place of salvation where we are no longer experiencing the effects of false beliefs of a limited, mortal mind, because we are communing with God and having only His thoughts.

• …is being alive to the understanding that man is like God, and taking note of this present spiritual good, one experiences the fullness and glory of it.


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