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The drawing on the above shows the architect’s rendition of the new Fern Lodge entrance.  Through the extended periods of heavy rain, we have kept this drawing close at hand to remind us of the goal we are working toward.  The other two photos below show the present state of the entrance, with work postponed due to rain, and the new concrete pad with drainage that was required before we could proceed with the original remodeling plan.

Progress to date

Work on the new Fern Lodge entryway and reception area is progressing, though more slowly than expected.  A major delay, and significant additional expense, resulted when we learned that we were required to provide a drainage system for the area where our garbage and recycling dumpsters are kept.  That system soon will be in place, and we are ready to work on the original project, the new reception area and Fern Lodge entrance.

The delay may well have been a blessing in disguise when the timing is considered.  If we had begun work on the entrance as scheduled, it is likely that part of the roof would have been removed during the recent extended periods of heavy rain.  This was a time of earnest prayer, hard work, and trust in divine protection.  We are grateful for God’s constant care and impeccable timing.

Additional cost of the project — $25,000

Pictured at left is the concrete slab and footing for the enclosure we were required to build for our trash and recycling bins.  Walls and doors are still to be finished, as well as paving to repair the driveway that was removed to install the drainage system.  We ask for your financial assistance with this project.  The cost of the drainage system came to about $25,000, which is in addition to the $200,000 cost of the entrance and reception area.

A Photo Journal of the Construction

Feel free to flip through the following pictures to see the daily progress of the construction project.



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