Two Christian Science Nurses — newly listed in The Christian Science Journal

We are grateful to share with you the wonderful news that two of the Fern Lodge Christian Science nurses recently were approved to advertise their services in The Christian Science Journal.   This was especially joyous for us because both of these loving and inspired individuals came to Fern Lodge from Peru in order to complete our Christian Science Nursing Education Program.  If you or anyone you know has the tender yet spiritually strong qualities needed in Christian Science nursing and would like to learn more about our education program, please contact Sharon Strong, Director of Christian Science Nursing, at or 510-886-2448.

Margarita Ley shared the following ideas with us:  “Our leader Mary Baker Eddy says in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures that, “An ill-tempered, complaining, or deceitful person should not be a nurse. The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, —receptive to Truth and Love” (395:17-20).  Pondering her words, —seeing that being receptive to Truth means listening carefully to the Christ, and that being attentive to Love means always obeying our Father-Mother God— helped me greatly to become listed in The Christian Science Journal as a Christian Science nurse.  I always count on the unconditional help of all my beloved family members and friends at Fern Lodge. They give me the support I need in order for me to love God above all things, and they help me to help my neighbor by loving him or her as myself, as our Master, Jesus Christ, taught us when he said that these two commandments were the ones needed to reach eternal life.”

Alvaro La Rosa wrote while he was visiting family in Peru.  He said, “I am glad to share with you a little bit about my progress as a Christian Science nurse since my name was listed in The Christian Science Journal.  This was a very important step for me.  It reinforced my feeling that it is necessary as a Christian Science nurse for me to be responsible in everything I do.  I turn to God to be sure I make the right decisions and show the kindness and healing love that I’m able to express as I assist patients.  I recognize more than ever the importance of being spiritually prepared before I visit a patient.  And I am thankful to have the opportunity to demonstrate the divine power of God.

“Advertising in the Journal opened the way for me to serve as a visiting Christian Science nurse.  In this position it is very important to realize that I am the responsible individual on a case when I am there, while in a facility there always is somebody to give me a hand.  It is necessary to remember that it is my constant connection with God that will enable me to make sound decisions.  In addition, my daily work is not scheduled, and my plans might change at any time, so I need to be alert all the time.  I am amazed how much I get from God when I open my heart to let divine Love govern there.”

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  1. avatar Mary Kuhl says:

    Reading about the progressive step of journal listing is very exciting. I met both of these nurses when my mother recently spent a week at Fern Lodge. Alvaro and Margarita were outstanding in their joy, love, and care. What a blessing they are for their patients!

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