Fern Lodge Annual Meeting 2011

You may listen to the Annual Meeting below.  The speakers are the following times:

4:30 Readings from Tom Port, Board Chair

8:30 Elizabeth Schwartz, Treasurer

11:30 George Strong, Administrator

19:30 Sharon Strong, Director of Christian Science Nursing

39:00 Main Speaker: Susan Breuer, C.S.


Fern Lodge Annual Meeting 2011 from Brian Stock on Vimeo.

2 Responses to Fern Lodge Annual Meeting 2011

  1. avatar Leslee Allen says:

    How fantastic to be able to “attend” your meeting virtually, since I live in southern California. Loved Susan Breuer’s talk- very inspiring! I hope to come to your Care Fair in northern California. So nice to have some of you down here for the Care Fair in southern Califoria.
    Thanks for all you’re doing, Leslee

  2. avatar Jason McGuire says:

    It was nice to hear of the activities at Fern Lodge and to hear the inspiring talk by Susan Breuer. It would have been good to attend in person, but that did not happen, so it’s nice not to miss out on the inspiration and love expressed. Many thanks to everyone to made the meeting possible and and to those who made it available on the website for later listening. Thanks, too, for all the fine work you are doing at Fern Lodge. Jason

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