Message from Administrator (August 2011)

The new Fern Lodge entrance building project is nearing completion, and our fall Focus will have photos.  This issue features a report from the Fern Lodge annual meeting last spring, including the complete text of the inspiring talk, “Living Eternal Life,” by Susan Breuer, C.S.  Inside you will hear from two dedicated volunteer readers and also from a Principia College student who has been very helpful as an intern this summer.

The Fern Lodge Board of Directors is glad to announce plans to expand the Fern Lodge Christian Science Nursing Education Program.  We are preparing to offer education and experience to dedicated and inspired Christian Scientists who feel called to serve through the ministry of Christian Science nursing, wherever they may be.  Fern Lodge already has been actively teaching individuals in a private home, sharing Christian Science nursing workshops in branch churches, and conducting a course in Argentina.  We look forward to building on these experiences.  The November issue of the Focus will include a thorough update.

We are grateful to the faithful donors who provide financial support to enable us to continue our progress!

With heart-felt thanks,

George Strong, Administrator

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