New Director of Christian Science Nursing: Rozanne Zwick

Fern Lodge is pleased to announce that Rozanne Zwick has accepted the position of Director of Christian Science Nursing at Fern Lodge.  Rozanne has been listed in The Christian Science Journal since 1990.  Her prior experience includes serving as a Christian Science nursing instructor at Arden Wood and as the Director of Christian Science Nursing at Olive Glen.  She also has worked at several Christian Science nursing facilities, including Lime Tree House in England, Chesnut Hill, Wide Horizon, High Ridge House, Broadview, Sunland Home, and The Leaves.  She has also been a camp nurse at Newfound/Owatonna, and Adventure Unlimited.  With such a wide range of experiences, she will bring a unique focus and broad understanding of Christian Science nursing to her work here at Fern Lodge.  Rozanne will begin her new duties and responsibilities, nurturing and inspiring patients, family members and staff at Fern Lodge, in September.  At the same time, Sharon Strong, the current Director of Christian Science Nursing, will continue on with Fern Lodge in her new role of Director of Christian Science Nursing Education.  Together Rozanne and Sharon will be a spiritually inspired team, committed to the highest standards of Christian Science nursing and education.

6 Responses to New Director of Christian Science Nursing: Rozanne Zwick

  1. avatar Mary Langworthy says:

    What a fabulous team. Blessings all around! I know you’re going to love the quality of thought and care at Fern Lodge, Rozanne, and the dear folks you’ll be working with. And how can they help but love you? As they say in Kiswahili — Nzuri kabisa! (Completely beautiful!)

  2. avatar Susan Harrington says:

    A match made in heaven!

  3. avatar D Brian Boettiger says:

    This is a wonderful unfoldment of God’s plan for all! Rozanne is one of the best joining a team of the best! Good thinkers and doers, one and all!

  4. avatar Janiva Toler says:

    How wonderful to hear that Rozanne has joined Fern Lodge as its new Director of Christian Science Nursing. Congratulations from all of us at the BA! We’re looking forward to seeing Rozanne at upcoming facility meetings.

  5. Roz!!! You look great in the photo!!! Congrats on your new position… thats awesome… Love Michael

  6. avatar Kat Collins says:

    Wonderful, Rozanne, to know you’re bringing your thoughtful care and love to Fern Lodge! What a blessing for all!

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