Bringing Education into Focus


Sharon Strong  —  Director of Christian Science Nursing Education

For more than twelve years Sharon Strong served Fern Lodge as Director of Christian Science Nursing.  During that time, her vision and her work duties included maintaining the high standard of Christian Science nursing for all patients at the facility, cherishing the patients (including their families, friends, and Christian Science practitioners), and offering a broad range of Christian Science nursing education for Christian Scientists in our community and also in South America.  Fern Lodge is expanding its education activities, and we are deeply grateful that Sharon has agreed to shepherd this process and help us continue moving forward.

As Rozanne takes over responsibilities of Director of Christian Science nursing, her primary focus will be on individual patient care and staff development. Sharon will continue on at Fern Lodge, and her new role will be Director of Christian Science Nursing Education.  She will focus on helping Christian Scientists understand and demonstrate the love of God in the ministry of Christian Science nursing as it is described in the Scriptures, in Science and Health, and in The Manual of The Mother Church.  Together Rozanne and Sharon are a spiritually inspired team, committed to the highest standards of Christian Science nursing and education.

Fern Lodge offers unique and valuable education opportunities, including instruction and experience at our facility, in individual homes and in branch churches.  Our understanding of the role of Christian Science nursing in the healing ministry of Church inspires us to reach out to Christian Scientists wherever they are.  Our goal is to help individual Christian Scientists to fulfill the Christian requirements of feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty and ministering to the sick.

When asked to comment on the fresh focus of the new Fern Lodge program, Sharon shared some of her vision for this new adventure.  She wrote, “The new Christian Science Nursing Education program at Fern Lodge promises to be full of fun and adventure!  It will debut in January 2012, and include a full year of classes, workshops for branch churches, refresher courses for on-staff and local Christian Science nurses, and trips to South America, where we continue to nurture the skills of devoted Christian Scientists who are deeply in earnest of serving their fellow church members’ needs.

“Students of Christian Science striving to fulfill the letter and the spirit of the Church Manual bylaw, ‘Christian Science Nurse,’ may apply for courses at any time.  Employment may be possible after classes if there are openings on staff and the individual’s qualities are a good fit for Fern Lodge’s work ethic.  See our website for more information:

“Currently the program is being reorganized, and you will hear more news in the future as we launch into the new year

“Stay tuned!”

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  1. avatar Tim Thorndike says:

    What wonderful news for you and Fern Lodge. You have always been a master of teaching. I think it’s because you don’t let your absolute love of CS and CS nursing become hidden with “it has to be done this way.” I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be receptive to themes and ideas you so joyfully share. Brava!

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