Message from Administrator (Dec 2011)

It’s a time for giving gratitude and spiritual gifts, to show our reverence for the coming of Christ to human consciousness.  We join our fellow Christians in honoring Christ Jesus and rejoicing in his teachings, his healings, and his precious example.  Jesus set the standard for our activities today.  The gospel message of Christ is for all time.  Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “When a new spiritual idea is borne to earth, the prophetic Scripture of Isaiah is renewedly fulfilled: ‘Unto us a child is born, …and his name shall be called Wonderful'”  Science and Health 109:24.

“His name shall be called Wonderful!”  Christ is the source of genuine wonder in human lives.  That wonder is the grace of God, the always-present influence that, through love, heals sickness, overcomes sin, and delivers mankind from the fear of death.  “Wonderful” is the name of a child—a child “borne to earth,” come to our everyday experience to bless, teach and heal.  In her “Cry of Christmas-tide,” Mrs. Eddy names Christian healing as “the babe we are to cherish.”  Here is a plain statement of the role of Christian Science nursing and the purpose of Fern Lodge.

Our role is to cherish Christian healing.  Our purpose is to heal.  We are dedicated to demonstrating the healing presence of God in our lives and the lives of patients who come to us for Christian Science nursing.  Your gift in support of Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge enables us to care for those who need assistance to pay for the care they need.  You also make it possible for us to extend our education activities; to preach the gospel of God’s care for His children, reflected in Christian Science nursing for mankind.

With gratitude and affection,

George Strong


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  1. Lovely message, George. And the Christmas card is to be cherished.
    Thank you for bringing the peace and love of the Christ to all through an excellent website.

    With love,

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