Activities at Fern Lodge

A Perspective from Activities Director Robin Barben

“The natural fruits of Christian Science are harmony, brotherly love, spiritual growth and activity” (Miscellany 213:1-3).

Joy in movement class, baking cookies, Bible study, or going on an outing, in these activities patients express their freedom in Christ, and we strive to see this freedom more clearly each day.

It is wonderful to see strength and flexibility demonstrated as patients regain a sense of their dominion through God. In our daily Bible study, it is a joy to experience the unfoldment of a deeper appreciation for the importance of fellowship in Christ and the love we find ourselves experiencing anew. The laughter and joy at our weekly cookie baking activity is a needed reminder that even in the middle of a what seem to be harrowing life challenges, we can experience joy and a sense of purpose, contributing something tangible for the benefit of all.

One highlight of our Activities Program has been seeing our residents move into more active roles of participation. Limitations and restrictions are overcome, and we find that the desire to express love to one’s neighbor can be the impetus needed to feel divine Love to a higher degree in one’s own life. Progress from being read to, then reading to others, or preparing readings and conducting a church service, is just one of many examples of the healing grace that is more apparent at Fern Lodge everyday.

We welcome your participation. Would you like to come and share your favorite movie one night, or work on a puzzle with a patient? What about a one time visit to read the Bible Lesson aloud to someone and share what you are learning? Mrs. Eddy says, “ True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection” (No & Yes 39:17-18).  We welcome your love!

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