Fern Lodge & Arden Wood: A Cooperative Adventure

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel.”  A vital truth of Christ’s gospel is the ever-present fact that God cares for man, and Christian Science nursing is an essential element of that care.  On a warm, sunny afternoon on the Fern Lodge patio, Fern Lodge and Arden Wood, a Christian Science nursing organization in San Francisco, joined together for a joint presentation of the good news that is Christian Science nursing.

Representatives from each facility shared the services available through the Christian Science nursing and education programs at Arden Wood and Fern Lodge.  Talks, along with questions and answers, also told about the financial assistance available through insurance and government programs, Medicare and Medi-Cal, that help pay for Christian Science nursing.

Two highlights of the meeting were talks by Caroleen Scholet, CS, Manager of Christian Science Nursing Activities and Advertising at The Mother Church, and Anna Lisa Kronman, CS, a member of the Fern Lodge Board,.  Anna Lisa’s talk, “Christian Science Nursing and Healing: an Awesome Twosome,” is included in this Focus.

Caroleen spoke on the topic, “In Accord with Church,” and she emphasized the place of Christian Science nursing in the mission and demonstration of Church.  The following paragraph includes some of our notes.

Because the mission of Church and of Christian Science embraces the whole world, Christian Science nursing is deeply involved in caring for the world.  Caroleen’s talk spoke of foundation, revelation, and unfoldment.  The foundation of Christian Science nursing is the words and works of Christ Jesus; “his teachings shape our actions.”  Christian Science is the “revelation of the absolute divine Principle of scientific mental healing” (Science and Health, p. 107).  Christian Science nursing is central to this revelation.  Christian Science ministers to and nurses man, and Christian Science nurses are its witnesses.  We live and we nurse in the present unfoldment of the revelation.  We are not here just to help Christian Scientists in need.  We work and pray to offer the revealed Science of God’s loving care for all mankind.

Everyone who attended the meeting left with a fuller understanding of Christian Science nursing and its relationship to Christian practice and its essential role in the Church.  On October 21, 2012, Arden Wood will host another program to further the understanding of God’s care for man.  Fern Lodge will participate in this event, and we hope you and your friends will attend.

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  1. Maria de Polo says:

    Estimados hermanos en Cristo, me siento reconfortada de conocer la actividad permanente del Cristo en accion, por medio de los talleres y charlas que ustedes vienen realizando para bendecir a toda la humanidad, es un ejemplo a seguir por nosotros los peruanos y por lo tanto les agradeceriamos mucho si pudieran proveernos del material trabajado y disponible para poder compartirlo en nuestra comunidad y llevar esperanza y el amor de Dios al necesitado
    Con mucho amor
    Jorge y Maria Polo..

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