Three Summer Interns

Noelia Ley

Working as an intern at Fern Lodge was a great experience.  In the mornings I served as the Fern Lodge receptionist.  Then I helped in Patient Activities, helping the patients with small services.  I enjoyed working on the weekly Bible study with the patients, taking patients for walks, participating in Hymn sings, and much more. Working with all these great people helped me grow in different fields of work, and most importantly it helped me grow spirituality.

I think my favorite part of working at Fern Lodge was to know that my co-workers and I gathered together for one purpose: Healing. The fact that we were all together to help each other was something that kept me going every day. Furthermore, every single day I learned something new that will help me in the future.  My work was not just a job, it was a way of living. This was definitely a great experience for me. Now I understand and appreciate even more the work that both of my parents do as Christian Science nurses.

I truly thank Fern Lodge for opening its doors and letting me be part of this learning environment. I give a special thanks to the Christian Science nurses because without them the rest of our staff would not be there. This internship has been a blessing to me and to many other people who have worked and are working here.  Thank you very much.

Malcom Scholz Luzio

Malcom (left) + Tony (right)

I am an international student from Chile, and I am about to start my junior year at Principia College. This summer I had the pleasure of returning to Fern Lodge for my second time. I spent my time in the beautiful facility translating Fern Lodge’s website, articles, and nursing study guides into Spanish. I also helped in the weekly Hymn sing, singing alongside the enthusiastic patients and sometimes playing the piano. In addition, I accompanied patients on daily walks near the facility and helped with gardening. I cannot believe how much I learned during the time I was immersed among the wonderful Fern Lodge Family! The patients and the staff are a beautiful group, enormously kind and helpful to each other and to any new person in the facility.

I am very happy that by translating nursing documents into Spanish I was able to be part of one of Fern Lodge’s vital missions: to bring Christian Science nursing to South America. This important mission is an enormous help to the countries of South America and the Christian Scientists there who want to take part in the Christian Science nursing ministry.  Through my work I realized how wonderful the principles of nursing are and how I can apply them to my everyday life. I learned that nursing is a manifestation of Love, and I am infinitely grateful to have been able to spend several weeks with amazing people who have given most of their time and lives to such a noble and needed cause.

Thank you!

Anthony Ackah-Nyanzu

From Left to Right: Tony, Janet, Noelia, Malcom

I am really glad I came back to work at Fern Lodge this summer.  Looking back, I have seen a lot of improvement and growth in my character and my practice of Christian Science.  Last year was my first time working outside Principia College, and even though I got a lot done, I felt I could do more. The solution for making me more productive was perfect.  I worked for three different departments this summer: Maintenance, Patient Activities, and the Office.

Each morning I did gardening, a really relaxing way to begin your day. Planting flowers, weeding, mowing, and replenishing garden beds with mulch have really taught me a lot about gardening. As Ben says, “It is all about the visual in gardening.”  Working outside is very rewarding, because you can instantly see the results of your efforts. When someone says, “those flowers are beautiful,” or “the back of the house looks beautiful,” you can think with a smile, “Yeah, that is my work.”

In the Office I digitized the Fern Lodge forms so they can be completed on the computer. Occasionally, my work involved configuring people’s computers. I remember Brian telling me once, “Here, simple kindness and assistance make people happy.”  Just helping someone with Skype, stopping to have a conversation, fixing their Internet, or taking them on a walk can make people so happy.

The last work in my day was in the Activities Department. Working with Robin is really entertaining. She has so much energy and always is lively. She is like the party planner, and I helped her do some of her work. I worked on the playlists for the “Fern Lodge Radio,” with the Christian Science Bible Lesson, lectures, talks, hymns and other music that is heard in patients’ rooms.

I am very grateful and happy I had the opportunity to work at Fern Lodge again this summer. I feel I have contributed to the Fern Lodge community and also learned from all the workers and guests here, and I grew in a variety of ways.  Thank you.

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