Annual Meeting 2013 Treasurer’s Report

During 2013 Fern Lodge has been operating near full capacity. Many of those we serve do not have funds to pay the full cost, so income from sources other than patient services is needed each year.

We have established a Benevolence Fund, and we are seeking contributions to grow this fund so that in the future it will supplement patient payments and provide funds for benevolence.

The cost of operation for 2013 is projected to be over $2.2 million. As you can see on the first chart below, the largest portion of our expenses goes to provide fair compensation for the Fern Lodge staff, whose loving care in all departments does so much to maintain our healing mental environment.

The chart below shows where the funds come from to pay the cost of operating Fern Lodge. Donations, Grants, and Bequests will be needed this year to supply over $680,000 in financial aid that is being given as benevolence for those who need it.
Revenue & expense pie charts 2013

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