What Makes Fern Lodge Unique

Cherishing the ideals of home and family, demonstrating God’s benevolent supply

IMG_3756 copy A wonderful community of around fifty Christian Science nursing facilities, services and homes is scattered through the United States and Europe.  We are grateful for the tender, loving Christian Science nursing that is provided by each of these organizations.  All of them offer similar services inspired by and grounded in the practice of Christian Science, and each one has its own identity.  We would like to share with you some of the unique aspects of Fern Lodge.

Come visit Fern Lodge

Everyone who comes to Fern Lodge notices our home-like, family atmosphere.  The facility is located on what feels like a country road, though it is only about a half-hour drive from downtown San Francisco.  Our quiet setting is surrounded by trees and wildlife, including deer, raccoons, foxes, and many varieties of birds, that regularly visit our property and may be seen passing by patient room windows.  The décor is tasteful and simple, and patients may bring artwork or smaller items that give their rooms a feeling of home.

As delightful as the setting is, Fern Lodge’s uniqueness is in its demonstration of spiritual qualities, not in any material appearances.  In common with all Christian Science nursing organizations, we are devoted to Christian Science healing and to the demonstration of God’s loving care for man. In that demonstration we all find policies and practices that are unique to us.

Admission and patient stay

Fern Lodge admits Christian Scientists who seek to be benefitted by Christian Science nursing while they pray for healing.  We are able to accommodate a full range of care needs, including assistance with all the activities required for normal daily living.  The needsFL July 4 party may appear as physical challenges, or may seem to be primarily mental in nature.  Fern Lodge does not provide residences for those who do not need Christian Science nursing.

We always expect immediate and complete healing, as a natural result of Christian Science prayer and treatment, for everyone who comes to us for Christian Science nursing.  However, we are grateful to provide ongoing care for as long as individuals are committed to seeking healing through Christian Science and we are able to meet their care needs.

At Fern Lodge, patients and staff treat each other like family.  Though we are careful to be sure that staff members do not take responsibility for patients’ personal affairs in any way, we encourage the friendships that develop when a team of Christian Science nurses provides care for the same individuals over a period of time.

Patient activities

FL hanging basketsChristian Science nursing is practiced from the standpoint of man’s wholeness as the loved child of God, and we expect patients to live full, productive lives while they are at Fern Lodge.  Of course quiet prayer and the study of Christian Science are most important, and each day every patient has ample opportunities to commune with God and to seek the recognition of the divine Love that heals.  Our activities director and other staff members read Christian Science literature to patients, and hymns and recorded literature always are available.

Fern Lodge also offers a broad spectrum of activities that are intended to give patients opportunities to feel God’s presence in a variety of ways.  A daily walk with staff up our lane gives patients, including those in wheelchairs, a chance to see neighboring gardens and wildflowers in bloom.  Local musicians perform live music, which patients love.  Patients may gather in groups and play games and do other activities that demonstrate joy and freedom.


FL RoseChristian Science nursing seems costly and may present a financial challenge to those who need care for a time.  We are grateful for each patient’s payment, whether for the full charges or for a small portion.  No one who is in need of Christian Science nursing and who applies to Fern Lodge ever is turned away only because they lack funds to pay for the care they need.  Nor is any patient at Fern Lodge asked to leave only because he or she is unable to afford the cost of care.

Fern Lodge participates in the government funding programs, Medicare and Medi-Cal, and helps to secure payment when patients have insurance that covers their stay.  But generally none of these sources provide sufficient funds to pay the full cost, and some individuals have significant nursing needs but do not qualify for government assistance.

We cannot tell you often enough or fully enough how grateful we are for every donation we receive.  These gifts have enabled us to maintain through the years our policy  of never asking anyone to leave Fern Lodge who needs Christian Science nursing, whether or not they are able to afford to pay.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

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