Executive Board

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Tom Port, President

Tom Port is an attorney practicing in California and Nevada and lives in Oakland with his wife Judy. He is a member of First Church Danville where he has served in various capacities including second reader. Tom has also been an active Christian Science Chaplain with the State Institutional Committee serving at local federal and state institutions. Tom and Judy enjoy various outdoor activities including sailing bicycling and hiking.

“Working with the Fern Lodge board is about demonstrating wisdom, selflessness, and a sense of harmony even when there may be disagreement on specific issues. As Christian Science healing is the mission of Fern Lodge, board members recognize that healing must permeate the thought and deliberations of each board member.”

Anna Lisa Kronman

Raised in Napa, California, with three siblings and an acre to roam on, Anna Lisa grew up with a love of family, the outdoors, and Christian Science.  During her college years, she investigated Christian Science nursing and began working as a Nurses Aide at Fern Lodge.  Not long after, she married Robert McVey, who had recently discovered Christian Science in prison, had a life-changing healing, and was also working at Fern Lodge.  With both parents working at this facility, the four children that joined the McVeys came to feel Fern Lodge was like a second home.

After Bob’s passing, Anna Lisa continued to nurse at Fern Lodge and later at Peace Haven in St. Louis.  One of her joys while there was the opportunity to develop and implement, along with veteran nurse Betty Jo Hunt, a nursing program specifically suited to helping Christian Scientists with mental needs.  Anna Lisa returned to the Bay Area in 2000 to become a Nursing Instructor at Fern Lodge, a post she thoroughly enjoyed until her move from the nursing floor to the prayer-closet—changing her Christian Science Journal listing from the “Nurse” section to the “Practitioner” section.  She joined the Fern Lodge Board in 2012.

“There are many things I love about Fern Lodge, but a few stand out as particularly precious.  One is Fern Lodge’s commitment to trust that needs will be met: the patient’s, the facility’s, and the nurse’s.  I have witnessed this repeatedly over the years.  This trust has not been because of a large financial cushion (since there wasn’t one), but because of the deep, prayer-given conviction on the part of those at the helm that this is a holy cause, divinely established and maintained.  That being its most essential nature, it must and does include appropriate supply.  A second thing I love about Fern Lodge is a long tradition of flexibility in preparing individuals to nurse, a willingness to schedule training around newcomers’ availability, valuing the good that is presently possible.  A third treasure is the caliber of folks who are attracted to this demonstration of Christian Science nursing and willing to put their shoulder and prayers behind it.”

Elizabeth Schwartz

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Principia College, Elizabeth Schwartz graduated from the Christian Science Nurses training program at Arden Wood and worked for many years as director of nursing at Twelve acres and as the Visiting Nurse on the San Francisco peninsula. She is presently a Christian Science practitioner.

“The Christian Science nurse and the Christian Science nursing facilities, as avenues for healing, are fundamental to the practice of Christian Science. Fern Lodge, in particular, supports healing in a supportive, family environment with a mission to help all regardless of their ability to pay for their care.  This is a beautiful, Christian endeavor, which I am very grateful to be a part of.  “The Fern Lodge board witnesses the demonstration of Mrs. Eddy’s statement that ‘Progress is the law of God’ (SH 233). Therefore it is exciting and rewarding to be a part of the board and bear witness to Love unfolding its care for man.”

Joel Carico

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