Rest & Study

Would you like to come to Fern Lodge for some rest and study?  Our rest and study rate is $85.00 a night.  If you would like to check on availability, please contact Deanna at 510-886-2448 Ex 225.  If we have availability, please fill out the form below to make an official request.

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By clicking send below, you are agreeing to the following:

1. I am a student of Christian Science.

2. I understand that no medication, drugs, material remedies, liquor or tobacco may be used at Fern Lodge.

3. I have read the rate sheet and will provide prompt payment of bills.

4. I understand that Rest & Study accommodations offered at Fern Lodge are temporary. If at any time during my stay the management should ask me to leave for any reason, I shall cheerfully and promptly comply with the request.

5. I also understand Rest & Study accommodations offered at Fern Lodge are for individuals who do not require nursing assistance. If I need physical assistance, I will promptly alert the Director of Christian Science Nursing. I understand that I may be asked to move to a Christian Science nursing care room if a need persists for more than a few days. Any assistance from the Christian Science nursing staff will be billed at $40 per hour.