Message from the Administrator (June 2016)

George-and-Heather-retroA few days ago I walked down the Fern Lodge hall past the living room where we hold a variety of meetings and activities, and I was touched to see a group of patients talking with Maira Vasquez, who works

Message from Heather Beck

And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters — Genesis 1:2

Heather & Robin 1This is one of my most cherished verses in Scripture and has been for a very long time. It holds a wonderful promise for all

A Healing at Work

Maira & JacobI witnessed my first healing after prayers when my son and I did not feel well. We both did not feel well to the point that we did not want to eat or drink. My son looked real skinny, and

Message from the Director of Christian Science Nursing

By Lin Watts

Lin-for-Focus-2016-06-concentrate“Friends, our progress may be fast or it may be slow, but one thing is certain, it will be sure, if we are obedient to the loving counsel of our ever faithful Leader” (Willis Gross, President of

Philanthropy in Education

by Sharon Strong

Heather and SharonEducation in the Christian Science nursing ministry is a vital component of the healing mission of Fern Lodge. The goals and the curriculum of the Fern Lodge Christian Science Nursing Education Program are closely related to philanthropy.

Repairs Needed

We are deeply grateful for the generous metaphysical and financial support Fern Lodge receives from the Christian Science community. These gifts enable us to provide excellent Christian Science nursing care for many individuals who need financial assistance to pay for …

Church Nursing Workshop — Los Altos, CA — January 31st 2016

Come to a Workshop on Care in Christian Science

Share perceptions of how God's love is expressed in our care for each other.

Learn simple ways to meet another’s need for comfort and assistance.

Sunday Afternoon
January 31, 2016


Fern Lodge Art

The following art in displayed in our facility is, with a couple exceptions, created by Christian Science artists.

“Access by One Spirit” — A Talk by Caroleen Scholet

28047479_mlIn Ephesians 2:18, we read one small but magnificent aspect of Paul’s ministry. “Through him [Christ Jesus] we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.” I hope you will realize a stronger, clearer sense of this promise that …