The mission of Redwood Community is to provide a home-like atmosphere and assistance for Christian Scientists of advanced years and to be a Christian Science nursing resource for the extended community.

What is Residential Care?

Redwood Community is licensed by the State of California to provide residential care, to provide a home including meals, assistance with activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing for men and women who cannot live independently, but do not require a high level of Christian Science nursing.

We provide a family atmosphere for older persons that for some reason can no longer live alone, but can exercise a fair degree of independence in a home-like setting with some assistance and oversight.

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About 1993 a number of members from the Sonoma County churches began prayerfully considering how to meet need of the growing number of older church members who needed assistance/nursing/care in our area.  As the group pared down to four women, one of the women (a Journal-listed practitioner) began to make improvements to half of her home, a duplex, and rented it to a Christian Science nurse for a proprietary nursing home.  After about a year, that Christian Science nurse left the facility she had begun, leaving two patients.  This was the opportunity the practitioner needed to encourage two additional individuals to move in, one of whom needed nursing.  A Christian Science nurse and a cook were hired, and Redwood Community began.

Step by step, we incorporated, gained our non-profit status, and became licensed by the State of California.  When we gained our license in 1997, we had four residents.

Agnes Buttle, the Christian Science practitioner who made her home available to us initially, passed on in 2005, leaving her duplex to Redwood Community, free and clear.  We are in an enviable position of having no mortgage and being exempt from most property taxes.  However, care such as we provide doesn’t come cheaply.  We provide 24/7 care by Christian Science nurses and care givers who are trained to provide the highest care in a home-like setting.