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Soup of the Day Beef Tortellini Italian White Bean Soup Curry Carrot Soup Clam Chowder Vegetable Soup Ham Casserole
Deli Sandwich Garlic Toast Ham & Egg Salad Sandwich Hummus Plate Romaine Salad with Chicken BLT Roll
Chips, Fruit Squash or Salad Chips, Fruit Fruit Bread, Fruit Chips, Fruit Steamed Broccoli
Ice Cream Popsicle Ice Cream Popsicle Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Blueberry Pie
Alt Corn Dog Pot Pie Baked Potato Ham Sandwich Tuna Sandwich Fish Sticks Turkey Sandwich
Dinner Seafood Chicken Pork Beef Vegetarian Seafood Chicken
Seafood Stew with Potatoes Chicken Ala King Creamy Herb Pork Chops Corned Beef Fresh Tomato Tart Shrimp Cocktail Panko Baked Chicken
French Bread Biscuit Whipped Potatoes Red Potatoes & Carrots Garlic Toast Crackers Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Asparagus Peas & Carrots Sauteed Yellow Squash & Peppers Fresh Corn Sautéed Zucchini Fresh Green Beans Mixed Vegetables
Robin’s Cookies Fortune Cookie Sorbet Cookie Pecan Pie Lemon Bar Mini Cheesecake
Alt Baked Chicken TBA Chicken Tenders Taquitos Chicken Tenders Baked Potato TBA