About Us

Fern Lodge is a Christian Science nursing facility, an independent nonprofit organization that offers Christian Science nursing care. This care is given in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Christian Science, including the guidelines found in the publication, The Foundation for Christian Science Nursing, prepared and distributed by The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA.

The Christian Science nursing care we offer is given by Christian Science nurses, whose education, training and experience is wholly within the education system of Christian Science, and includes no medical training.  Christian Science Nursing is practiced under the supervision of qualified Christian Science nurses who are listed in the current edition of the church publication The Christian Science Journal.

Patients at Fern Lodge employ Christian Science practitioners for spiritual treatment through prayer.  Doctors or other medical professionals are not employed by Fern Lodge or the patients.  Fern Lodge offers Christian Science nursing care exclusively for those who rely solely on prayer for healing.

No diagnosis is conducted at any time by any Christian Science nursing facility.  Because Christian Scientists rely only on spiritual prayer for healing, they generally do not consult physicians at any time, either for diagnosis or treatment.  Christian Science nurses are not trained to diagnose, and no record of patient symptoms or conditions is kept, as this would be inconsistent with the practice of Christian Science.

Fern Lodge is accredited by the The Commission For Accreditation Of Christian Science Nursing Organizations / Facilities, Inc.  Fern Lodge is a 501(c3) nonprofit and you can view our IRS nonprofit standing letter here: IRS Fern Lodge.