Who can come to Fern Lodge?

Fern Lodge is a Christian Science nursing facility and will admit anyone who is seeking healing and relying exclusively on prayer in Christian Science.  We accept patients from all across the country.   We are not a retirement community or an assisted living facility, but are for people who are needing some form of Christian Science nursing care.  We accept individuals to Fern Lodge based on their sincere desire to rely on Christian Science for healing, and our admissions are made based solely on our ability to give the needed Christian Science nursing care.

We accept patients without regard to their ability to pay the full cost of their care and without regard to how long Christian Science nursing care has been needed.  Benevolence is available for patients seeking to apply at Fern Lodge.

To check on our availability, please contact Director of Christian Science Nursing
at (510) 886‑2448 Ex. 225 or email her at dcsn@fernlodge.org.

To come to Fern Lodge, patients sign the following agreement:

•  I understand that no medical, material, psychiatric or physical diagnoses are available at Fern Lodge.

•  I understand that no medications, drugs, material remedies, therapy or other manipulative treatment is offered or may be used during my stay at Fern Lodge.

•  I have come to Fern Lodge for Christian Science nursing care, and I will receive daily treatment from a Christian Science practitioner during my stay at the facility.  I understand that I may ask for assistance with maintaining regular contact with a practitioner, and I agree that a Fern Lodge representative may call a practitioner on my behalf if it ever seems necessary.

•  I understand that there are both shared rooms and private rooms at Fern Lodge.  There is no difference in room charges based on whether a patient is in a shared or a private room.  Room assignments are made by the nursing department, and every effort will be made by Fern Lodge to ensure that each patient’s room assignment will best serve to help meet his or her nursing needs.

•  I understand that I will be charged per day for room, board, supplies, telephone and nursing care during my stay at Fern Lodge [click here for current rates].  I understand that if I am unable to pay the full amount of the charges I will promptly notify Fern Lodge.  I also understand that I may apply for deferred payment or benevolence to meet any portion of the charges I accrue at Fern Lodge.

•  I understand that Fern Lodge asks all patients to designate someone who can make health care decisions on their behalf.  If I do not have a designated power of attorney for health care when I am admitted, I agree to do so as soon as practical after my admission to the facility.