Fern Lodge Rates (as of 8/1/2015)

Financial consideration should not determine one’s decision to come to the facility for care. 

Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge is currently enrolled for reimbursement through participation in the Medicare or MediCal Programs.  Fern Lodge is also recognized as an approved provider facility under health insurance policies written by several insurance companies.  Benevolence and financial assistance are also available for those with a need.

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards can be used for payment

Skilled Christian Science Nursing: $310-360/per day

includes room, board, nursing, and supplies

Christian Science Care (Light Nursing): $215/per day

includes room, board, nursing, and supplies

Home Care: $40/per hour

Care at home (plus materials and travel expenses)

Day Care: $80/per day

to come to Fern Lodge for part of the day

Outpatient Care: $40/per hour

plus nursing materials

Rest and Study: $75/per day

if room is available.

To check on our availability, please call the Director of Christian Science Nursing at (510) 886‑2448 Ex. 225 or email us at info@fernlodge.org.