The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing

If you need financial assistance, you can receive help from the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing.  You can learn more about it at their website:  Here’s a brief overview from their website:

The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing (NFCSN) is a benevolence fund that can assist Christian Science nursing patients in the United States and its territories. The fund can help in any situation where a Christian Science nurse is needed, including in-home care and facilities.

We are so grateful for the support this fund gives to those seeking spiritual healing while needing the services of a Christian Science nurse.  It can also help with practitioner payments for those receiving Christian Science nursing.  If you have questions about the fund, please give them a call at The Principle Foundation office at 816-759-5450.

Fern Lodge Benevolence Fund


In many cases those who need Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge lack financial resources to pay for their care.  We are grateful to God for His unfailing provision for each of His children, and we gladly accept these guests who are able to pay only a portion of the cost.  Fern Lodge does not have an endowment fund or investments to draw on to give financial aid.  Gifts from many supporters provide the only funds we have to help those who need benevolence aid while at Fern Lodge. Benevolence is simply good will for others.  Benevolent funds come from the good will of individuals, churches, Christian Science student associations, and foundations who see and help meet the needs of deserving Christian Scientists.  These funds may come in the form of financial gifts or bequests of cash or other resources such as stocks or bonds.  We are deeply grateful to all who give in support of Christian Science nursing services, at Fern Lodge or elsewhere.