A Rose is a Rose (August 2014)

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These yellow roses (‘Graham Thomas’ in the foreground, with ‘Malvern Hills’ behind) that were in profuse bloom during late spring, are now blooming more infrequently and even somewhat semi-dormant now that it’s late summer, due to intentionally cutting back on the hand-watering during our state’s drought this year. In wetter years, I’ve felt freer to water generously once a week in order to get the best possible repeat bloom out of these rose plants; but this garden has been trained a long time ago to be able to take some dry spells, so now is a good time to practice even stricter water conservation. It’s all good, though, as I still have plenty of blooms to do the indoor flower arrangements!


Here at the Fern Lodge front desk are the ‘Graham Thomas’ rose (left) and another yellow rose, “Teasing Georgia’ (right);  plus the star-shaped dark purple blooms of Clematis viticella “Polish Spirit”, the thin-stemmed mauve flowers of Verbena bonariensis, and some Wisteria whips…


As the hotter weather arrived later in June, I picked the last of these beautiful mauve & blue Sweet Peas — and what a wonderful fragrance, to boot!


The fragrant white blooms of Mandavilla laxa (AKA “Chilean Jasmine”) mingle with the mauve flowers of Verbena bonariensis, both of them gracing Anna Lisa’s arbor near the deer fenced garden’s entrance…
Here in the Fern Lodge kitchen window is a spray of the single-petalled pink & white ‘Ballerina’ rose, the parent of the larger-sized solo bloom of Rosa ‘Sally Holmes’…
One of our excellent repeat-blooming roses that has performed amazingly well during this dry summer is this wonderful shrub roses from the 1930s, the Hybrid Musk rose ‘Ballerina’
IMG_5795 copy
‘The apricot-yellow English rose ‘Tamora’, the softer apricot “Sweet Juliet’ rose, plus the Hybrid Musk ‘Ballerina’ share this blue vase with blue & purple Penstemon, as well as the deliciously fragrant ‘Grosso’ Lavender.
And one last image as a send-off!  Thanks for spending some more time with the Fern Lodge rose Garden.  — Ken Gourley

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