Church Services

We have church services at Fern Lodge on Sunday mornings and testimony meetings on Wednesday mornings, which are conducted by volunteers from the local Christian Science community.  We always welcome any Christian Scientist who would like to participate in these meetings.  For those who are able, we take patients to First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hayward.

Live Music

We hold live music 2-3 times a week from local musicians in our living room.

Bible Lesson Reading

Every weekday we read through the Bible Lesson in Living Room 5 under the supervision of our activities director and patients are welcome to discuss their thoughts on the weekly Bible Lesson.

Walk on the Hill

We take a half-hour walk up the street most weekdays (weather permitting).  The street is wheelchair accessible, and our staff gladly escorts people in wheelchairs.

Weekly Hairdresser

We have a professional hairdresser come once a week to provide hair cuts and styling for patients.  Patients may also get their nails done while they are waiting.

Cookie Baking

Every Monday patients are welcome to join us for our weekly cookie baking.  Regardless of whether you participate, everyone gets to enjoy the results!

Inspirational Recordings Available in Every Room

We have three channels available in the room 24/7.  The first one plays the Bible Lesson, the audio recording of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and inspiration articles from the Christian Science Publishing Society.  The second channel plays inspirational music.  The third channel allows patients to hear the activities happening in our main living room.


We do something for the patients each holiday.  Family and friends are welcome to join us.  Please call us for more details about the next holiday.

Television and Movies

Most of our rooms are equipped with cable television, but we do not guarantee a television for each patient.  Patients are free to bring their own television.  A public movie is played every afternoon in Living Room 4.

Other Activities

We also have many other activities that may include cooking, gardening, painting, movement and stretching classes, and reading aloud. There is transportation available for patients who would like to go to church and other church related events.