August 2023 Newsletter – Weeding Thorns and Removing Stickers: A Talk by Anna Lisa Kronman CS

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Every month the house Christian Science practitioner for Fern Lodge gives an inspirational talk for the Christian Science nurses. It was such a blessing in June to hear from Anna Lisa Kronman, who, besides being a board member, is a consistent presence amongst our staff and patients. Here is a summary of this talk and a list of relevant citations: … Read More

August 2023 Newsletter – Joint Letter from George and Brad

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Every newsletter, we like to include a letter from our Administrator. As the role passes from George to Brad, they both wrote to the community discussing their shared ideas for operating Fern Lodge as a Matthew 25 Facility and what that means. George Strong: Matthew 25 and Christian Science Nursing In my mid-20s, I began studying Christian Science. Yes, I … Read More

August 2023 Newsletter – Fourth of July Party

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This summer we had so much fun throwing a big Fourth of July party! Organized by Robin Barben, our Activities Director, this event was a great time for staff, patients, and families to relax and enjoy good food and good company. Many people brought in food from their own home and traditions to share, and the kitchen staff provided fried … Read More

August 2023 Newsletter – The History of George at Fern Lodge

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“When Jesus said ‘Love one another as I have loved you,’ that’s nursing!” – George Strong Fern Lodge was founded and sustained with one guiding goal: to help those in need, regardless of who they are and what they have or don’t have. While the surface of Fern Lodge has changed – the buildings, the faces, the day-to-day – this … Read More

Fern Lodge Focus — December 2021

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Dear Friends, The morning I prepared to write this letter, I read the Christian Science Bible Lesson. The subject was “God, the Only Cause and Creator.” The Bible verses included a story most of you know well. Christ Jesus was called to come quickly to the home of Jairus, an important leader in the community, who pleaded with the Master, … Read More

2021 Annual Meeting — Rise Up and Walk!

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Again this year the Fern Lodge annual meeting will be available to anyone who has an internet connection. You can watch by going to our website: The meeting will include reports from the Fern Lodge Board of Directors, the Director of Christian Science Nursing, and the Director of Christian Science Nurses Training. We are pleased that our dear friend, … Read More

Director of Christian Science Nursing — Deborah Messmer

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When I was newly Journal-listed as a Christian Science nurse, I worked in the field on private duty cases. I remember my eyes being opened to the possibilities of Christian Science nurses working together more as a team. I had several cases I was visiting every day and found the calls just kept coming. I started to feel overwhelmed. Then … Read More