Gratitude from the Fern Lodge Staff

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This past year my husband (who worked at Fern Lodge years ago) has been battling a serious illness. It has been a tough and painful journey for all of our family. With the knowledge I have gained from Fern Lodge I was able to make sure he stayed strong and healthy. Even though he was unable to eat solid foods … Read More

Our Neighborhood — a staff housing opportunity

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Fern Lodge is in a lovely, quiet, semi-rural setting, on a narrow, dead end lane in suburban Castro Valley. The patients we serve regularly take walks up the road, and others who live and drive on the road have to slow down and pull over to make way for us. Our staff and visitors account for much of the lane’s … Read More

“Prism and Praise” – Artwork with Kayleigh Ebernick

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This landscape hangs in our office. In the entryway of our facility, we have three cross and crown paintings also by Kayleigh Ebenrick, painted in her unique prismatic style. Kayleigh is an artist and a Christian Science nurse who works part-time at The Leaves in Dallas, TX. Kayleigh recently shared with us some ideas about her art that we thought … Read More

Our Latest News

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Redwood Community Open and Busy Redwood Community opened a year ago in 2020, just before the California shelter-in-place order.  In 2019, Redwood Community had a significant remodel, including a redone kitchen and ADA compliant bathrooms, to help serve future patients better.  Redwood Community now has five patients, which is close to its full capacity.  Fern Lodge continues to help Redwood … Read More

Enlarging Spiritual Consciousness Through Nursing — Robin Barben

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I have loved working at Fern Lodge for the past 22 years. Excellent nurses training was given by Sharon Strong, Director of Christian Science Nurse Training. Through these nursing classes and my CS nursing practice, a strong platform was built, where the truths learned in Christian Science could come to life. The spiritual ideas shared have become a cherished part … Read More

Message From Fern Lodge Board Member (March, 2021)

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Persistence in prayer! What a useful idea for us all as we continue to navigate these unusual times. We have continued our day-to-day operations of loving in a practical manner all those who come to us, and we are glad to be doing this obediently, safely, and creatively, for patients and staff. We are most grateful for the Christian Science … Read More

Report on Redwood Community for Christian Scientists

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Since Redwood Community became a nonprofit in 1997, it has been an important place in the Christian Science community in Santa Rosa, CA.  It was formed through the prayer and demonstration of local church members to address their needs.  It was a demonstration in the spirit of the Biblical verse: “…be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of … Read More