Gratitude from the Fern Lodge Staff

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Deb Messmer comforting a patient

This past year my husband (who worked at Fern Lodge years ago) has been battling a serious illness. It has been a tough and painful journey for all of our family. With the knowledge I have gained from Fern Lodge I was able to make sure he stayed strong and healthy. Even though he was unable to eat solid foods for over a month, he only lost 4 pounds! On some of the darkest days I would think about the love that George, Sharon, and Deanna expressed consistently to us. Thank you!!! I would not have been able to take such good care of my husband without the love, support, and knowledge I have gained from Fern Lodge. We are so grateful for everyone’s love and kindness.

Fern Lodge Staff Member

I am so deeply grateful to Christian Science and to Fern Lodge. I’ve witnessed a lot of healings of patients since I came here. It’s good to know that our Father-Mother God is protecting and keeping us all safe especially right now. We just always need put our whole trust in Him. Say NO to fear, doubt and negative thoughts. Always go back to “perfect God and perfect man” as the basis of thought and demonstration.

Christian Science Nurse at Fern Lodge

I would love to express gratitude for the infinite, unending love and support I get from my Fern Lodge family! 2020 was an unusual year, but 2021 has also had some very new twists to it for me personally. Every time I have found myself in a situation that had new and not always easy moments, staff members and administrators have stepped in with everything from metaphysical support, hugs and smiles, time off to care for my family’s needs, car battery changed, and a loaner car. The list is endless and obviously, as to quote one of the Fern Lodge angels, “This is what we do!” I am in awe of the magnitude of Love, generosity and support from Fern Lodge.

Christian Science Nurse at Fern Lodge

I am so grateful for the sizeable collection of art that hangs from the walls at Fern Lodge. Over the years, the collection has grown, and changed, and functioned as a background for our work and our lives. There are quite a few colorful pieces that quickly draw the eye. At times these are my favorite, as they usually brighten my mood. Other days I favor the wood block print or the high contrast paper cuts. There are landscape paintings of many lovely places, molded paper art, photographs, oil paintings, acrylic, pencil sketches, oil pastels, carved painted wood, and more. All are unique and worth a look. Today I observed a patient engrossed in an abstract painting of a cross by Kayleigh Mayes Ebenrick. It was a gift to me to catch this moment. There was a quiet stillness in the hallway at that time, and the observer, alone with her thoughts and the painting, seemed transported into the art itself. The presence of the art really does bless us all. Many thanks to George Strong for continuing to purchase art and for inviting patients and employees to hang pieces in their rooms and offices.

Fern Lodge Staff Member

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  1. I wish I had known about Fern Lodge years ago. My husband had been sick for 16 years. By the end of his time he was just so broken. He withdrew from everyone that loved him. He stopped caring about everything and everyone. He stopped caring about him self.

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