Gratitude from the Fern Lodge Staff

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This past year my husband (who worked at Fern Lodge years ago) has been battling a serious illness. It has been a tough and painful journey for all of our family. With the knowledge I have gained from Fern Lodge I was able to make sure he stayed strong and healthy. Even though he was unable to eat solid foods … Read More

New Technology Supports Our Healing Mission

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“I held my little ‘pancake’ on my chest, which was reading to me Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. When I woke up the next day, I was healed. After being bed-ridden for more than two weeks, I stood up on my feet and walked out to attend the Easter church service at Fern Lodge. I can’t tell … Read More

Getting to Know our Volunteers

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by Robin Barben Marsha Lutz is a volunteer at Fern Lodge and she says her main goal is to make people happy, to give comfort, and to make someone’s day a little better. So what drives a woman who, among many, many accolades, was a three time All-American Champion in diving, was the first female inducted in the U.C. Davis … Read More

Christian Science nursing, its healing influence

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Annual Meeting Talk by Sharon Strong in 2017 We are so grateful for another year of spiritual witnessing of the healing Christ at work in our consciousness and lives! We have permission to share the following inspiring experiences that demonstrate the grace of God, the power of prayer, and the efficacy of Christian Science nursing. 1) A patient arrived having … Read More

A Healing at Work

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[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I witnessed my first healing after prayers when my son and I did not feel well. We both did not feel well to the point that we did not want to eat or drink. My son looked real skinny, and he is only a year and 6 months old. All he wanted was his momma. I even had to take … Read More

Healing at Fern Lodge — Fulfilling our Mission

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[:en]♦  An individual came to Fern Lodge unable to walk or stand for long soon left walking with a walker, and quickly too!  Another who came unable to walk is now walking with some assistance. ♦  One was admitted with an abnormal urinary situation, unable to bear weight on one leg, and needing to be fed and assisted with all … Read More

Student and Intern Testimonials 2014

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Each summer Fern Lodge has the opportunity to work with undergraduates and recent graduates in our internship program. This program has been a blessing to students and patients alike. This summer we were able to take five people into our internship program.   We wanted to share with you some of their thoughts about working with us this summer. In addition … Read More

Letter from a Patient

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April 2014 Dear Friends: I want you to know how grateful I am for the time I spent at Fern Lodge. Everyone I met, all of you,—nurses, cooks, gardeners, office staff, those who provided opportunity to attend activities—all showed such love and devotion for what they had learned through their understanding of Christian Science. This love and devotion was poured … Read More