Christian Science nursing, its healing influence

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Annual Meeting Talk by Sharon Strong in 2017

We are so grateful for another year of spiritual witnessing of the healing Christ at work in our consciousness and lives! We have permission to share the following inspiring experiences that demonstrate the grace of God, the power of prayer, and the efficacy of Christian Science nursing.

1) A patient arrived having great difficulty breathing. She was healed and able to go home a few weeks later. Here is her account of the healing:

“For the important role that Fern Lodge has played in my life over the past several years, during some very physically challenging times, it would be impossible for me not to respond with deepest gratitude, and I feel a debt that I can never fully repay.

“Fern Lodge has provided the spiritual environment that has saved me when I felt on the very edge of life.  Totally dedicated and consecrated [Christian Science] nurses with calm courage and spiritual intuition supported me, gave me reassurance and care, and assuaged fears (sometimes silently with their presence) during dark hours until some relief was realized through the efforts of my practitioner and the prayers of others aware of the great need of the hour.  To me this was demonstrating the highest expression of Love.

“This Christian Science community of staff and [Christian Science] nurses has rallied around me, very often going beyond the call of duty and going more than the extra mile.

“Each time that it was necessary for me to be admitted for the physical and spiritual care that was needed, Fern Lodge’s prompt response and immediate provision to make ‘room in the inn,’ even at times when this didn’t seem feasibly possible, is commendable.

“I extend my sincere appreciation and love to all associated with Fern Lodge and my wish is,  ‘The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and  deliverereth them’” (Ps. 34:7).

2)  A patient arrived from out of state needing a chest dressing and two leg and ankle dressings. He was not able to walk due to pain.  He was very disoriented at times, and would yell loudly and curse while in pain or when confused about where his wife was and what she might be doing. During his five-month stay, he regained his mental clarity and calmness, and the wounds closed. He walked out of Fern Lodge “clothed and in his right mind,” and made the long drive home with his wife. Subsequent contact confirmed that his thought remains clear and he continues to progress.  He and his wife expressed tremendous gratitude for this healing.

3) We often find one dear woman quietly praying to support Fern Lodge when she is aware of challenges with other patients.  Here’s her account of her progress:

“When I came here, I told them I did not come here to die—I came here to heal! When I arrived I was barely aware of my surroundings, and needed to be lifted from the bed to a chair [by mechanical means].

My first major step of progress was to be able to move myself around the facility on my own in a manual wheelchair. Now I am able to walk everywhere with the assistance of a walker. I am grateful for this progress made, and for learning some hard lessons along the way. “

It has been utter joy to see this individual make this progress! We are also deeply grateful for the contributions she makes as a consecrated student of Christian Science.  You see, she was in a neighboring room to the gentleman in the previous testimony. She heard his sporadic yelling, cursing and crying during the day, and often in the middle of the night. When asked if the noise was too much or bothersome, or if she wished to move to a different room, she always replied, No, that it gave her an opportunity to pray about something besides herself. This selfless willingness to support everyone’s healing led to the formation of our Patient Prayer Committee, which began in support of our 50th year celebration and was featured in the October edition of the Focus.  Every Friday morning for 30 minutes before the hymn sing, patients meet, prepare readings, and share what they are learning.  This is yet one more proof of Mrs. Eddy’s words, “…whatever blesses one, blesses all.”

We are truly blessed by our patients as well as the loving staff who care for them, from our cooks, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, activities, volunteers, and office staff as well as our inspired and creative Christian Science nurses. We need each aspect of the facility to make the fabric of healing whole, without seams or rips.

“Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”  And, as Mary Baker Eddy puts it, “When we are willing to help and to be helped, divine aid is near” (2 Samuel 7:12  and Miscellany 166).

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