A Healing at Work

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[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Maira & JacobI witnessed my first healing after prayers when my son and I did not feel well. We both did not feel well to the point that we did not want to eat or drink. My son looked real skinny, and he is only a year and 6 months old. All he wanted was his momma. I even had to take a day off of work to comfort him and give him the attention he needed. He would cry and cry with tears of pain. Although both of us were not feeling well, I still tried to do my best for my son.

It was a Wednesday when I came back to work, and I still did not have the energy to work all morning. I was just really down. Then a little before 1:30, while changing the audio program in the iPod closet, my supervisor asked me if she could pray for my son and me. I said “please do!” She began to pray, and I also began to pray myself. While we continued to pray all of a sudden, I felt a feeling unexplainable: I felt God taking over. I cried while we prayed with tears of pure happiness. A few minutes later, as I was walking in the hall to go print out some papers in the office, my supervisor told me, “you look better.” When she told me that, it put a real big smile on my face. By the time I came back from the office I went to my supervisor, and I told her, “Robin, I feel well.” I felt great, honestly!

Then suddenly the time was 3:30. I felt like the time actually began to go quicker. When I left work, excited that I felt better, my mom and my son were in the parking lot waiting for me, and when I opened the door to get in the car, my son shouted out “Momma,” with a huge smile on his face. I looked at him and said “Jacob,” and then I looked at my mom and asked her “Mom has he been feeling good all day?” My mom told me, “No, just now he is better.” At that moment I honestly just wanted to get my son out of his car seat and hug him. I also wanted to take him to my supervisor to show her because honestly, he looked GREAT!! And at that moment I realized that my prayer was answered, and both my son and I were healed.

I began to pray more after this healing. The next week after my healing, my friend was at my house and told me that she had been having a headache all day, and she asked me if I had some Advil. I talked to her and asked, “Can I pray for you instead of you turning to the medicine?” She said sure, so I told her to pray for herself as well. I began to pray for her, and in a short time I asked her how she was feeling. She told me that she didn’t have a headache anymore.

My whole life I never had really prayed before. I would only turn to God and pray when something was wrong, so every time I would pray, I felt like God was not listening, because I would only pray when I needed Him. Now I catch my self waking up in the morning and thanking God for another day. I thank Him for having a roof over my head, food, a job, a healthy family, and I tell God how important He is to me!

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