Healing at Fern Lodge — Fulfilling our Mission

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[:en]IMG_5488♦  An individual came to Fern Lodge unable to walk or stand for long soon left walking with a walker, and quickly too!  Another who came unable to walk is now walking with some assistance.

♦  One was admitted with an abnormal urinary situation, unable to bear weight on one leg, and needing to be fed and assisted with all personal care. The patient went home in six weeks healed of the urinary issue, able to bear weight, feeding himself, and able to participate in regular daily activities.

♦  A patient who has been here about two years has made wonderful progress. She had an affected side, needed assistance with all activities of daily living, and special handling of one arm. She is now walking with a cane as a nurse stands by, is able to feed herself, and is doing most of her own care.[:]

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