Letter from a Patient

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April 2014

Dear Friends:

I want you to know how grateful I am for the time I spent at Fern Lodge. Everyone I met, all of you,—nurses, cooks, gardeners, office staff, those who provided opportunity to attend activities—all showed such love and devotion for what they had learned through their understanding of Christian Science.

This love and devotion was poured on me in abundance. I felt such joy in the hugs and cheerful “good mornings” given with lovely smiles. The dear Practitioner who supported me so faithfully gave me clear, healing ideas to work with during the day. How wise this provision is for care at Fern Lodge.

My nightly study of our textbook was the most glorious experience for me—I took time to consider every statement, to see what I needed to do to be a true Christian Scientist. I completely gave up any human or willful planning on how or when I would return home, but left it up to divine Mind to instruct me. What a revelation, every action from then on came to me—each step of the way came about not by me, but by divine Mind.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have missed this time for anything. Since I returned home I have had ample opportunity to use what I learned and find it glorious to see the results. I am following our Leader as she followed our Way-shower. Thank you my dears. You are all vitally important in your support of this great Cause.


Pat Smith

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