Internship at Fern Lodge

Fern Lodge offers internships to current college students and recent graduates.  Internships are focused on giving our interns a variety of experiences at our facility with several departments.  Past internships have included working with patients in patient activities, fielding calls as the receptionist, working with our kitchen, doing outdoor landscaping, helping with office tasks, and assisting with multimedia and website projects.  We make every effort to focus the internship on the student’s interests, but also try to give students exposure to some new experiences.

Internship Lengths

We have a summer and winter internship that corresponds with the length of college vacations and we have some flexibility about when they start and end.  We also have fall and spring internships for recent graduates that last approximately ten weeks.

Internship Payment and Board

Our internships are paid.  Payment will be discussed on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the internship.  Our internships include room and board with three meals a day for those who would like to eat at our facility.


We are located in Castro Valley, CA, which is in the East Bay across from San Francisco and south of Oakland.

Our facility is about a five minute drive from a BART station which provides public transportation into San Francisco.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship with Fern Lodge, please email us at info@fernlodge.org and use the subject line of “internship.”  Principia College students can also find us at their annual job fair in February.

Experiences shared by past interns: