Summer Internship 2017

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Juliet Beck & Jintong Yu, summer intern

This summer, while thinking of possible internship locations as part of my National Leadership Council program, I was given a wonderful opportunity – to intern at Fern Lodge for a month. I knew this would be a time of learning more about Christian Science nursing, as well as a time for new experiences, doing things I had never done before.

The first thing I felt when I walked into Fern Lodge was a homelike sense of peace and love, and excitement for all I was about to experience! Immediately I was welcomed into the loving, lively atmosphere that is Fern Lodge. Wherever I went I was met with bright smiles and helpful words of wisdom. Even the briefest of conversations were sweet and uplifting, including discussions while arranging and stapling papers, walking up the hill with patients, and laughing with staff and patients during lunch.

I was especially grateful for the amount of activities and events I was able to participate in during my time at Fern Lodge. In my first few days I was asked to lead Bible Lesson for the patients. We all gathered in the Living Room right after breakfast. I was grateful to be able to share some of the inspiration I had gained during my trip to Israel last March. I had several more opportunities to lead or co-lead the Bible Lesson study. It was such a special time because it was full of genuine moments of connecting with patients. Seeing a patient’s face light up with a smile, or nod with understanding really made my day. It was always so amazing to hear inspiration and testimonies from patients during the Wednesday services, and I always learned something new.

The Fern Lodge Fourth of July celebration was an opportunity for me to help plan an event with the Activities Department. I worked on hand-crafted decorations – something I hadn’t done much of before! I also was able to help with some of the food preparations. There was a lot to do, but everything was accomplished with a lot of joy and teamwork.

Though every day was slightly different, there was always one aspect that remained: the friendliness and kindness of all the Christian Science nurses and staff. I was grateful to see Christian Science nursing in action and learn how all the different departments support Fern Lodge’s healing mission. I am very blessed to have been given this amazing opportunity!

Every year we are grateful to welcome students who would like to work during summer and winter breaks and make meaningful contributions to the healing mission of Fern Lodge.

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