A Letter from our Administrator — Fern Lodge Focus September 2021

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This is my favorite place to be every day. That was my thought as I walked down the Fern Lodge hall to go to the 6:00 a.m. change of shift meeting. The Christian Science nurses on duty are there. We share any needed information. And then we take a few minutes to share together our devotion to Christian Science practice and healing, and we affirm our simple Christian care for our fellow man.

That’s Fern Lodge. That’s what Christian Science nurses and facilities are committed to. Together we are lights shining in darkness, and we will continue through the years to offer mankind healing refuges, places where together we demonstrate God as Love, and us, Her reflection, as the immediate expression of divine Love, the love that helps and heals.

It’s been a busy and productive year. Like all care facilities in our state and local area, regulations have required us to make adjustments to our daily routine. I‘m sure you will join us in our gratitude that through this whole time, Fern Lodge has continued to accept patients who need Christian Science nursing care, and we have stayed nearly at full capacity.

Earlier in the year, our dear Director of Christian Science Nursing, Deanna Proctor, relocated to another state. We are so grateful for her years of loving service. She came to Fern Lodge as a clear answer to prayer, and she brought to us exactly the qualities we most needed. Thank you, Deanna!

It’s with the deepest, heartfelt gratitude that I get to tell you that Deborah Messmer, who had been serving so competently as Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing, agreed to step into the position of Director. Deb is a treasure. Every day she shows her heartfelt commitment to the healing practice of Christian Science nursing, and she brings to Fern Lodge a wealth of experience in other Christian Science nursing facilities, including serving as Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing at Broadview, the Christian Science nursing facility in Los Angeles.

Thanks to a generous grant, we have purchased a house just a little up the road from Fern Lodge. Soon we will begin remodeling to meet our ongoing need for staff housing, and we will be grateful for any donations to help us with this work.

The rose photo honors our long-time gardener, receptionist, cook, and friend, Ken Gourley, pictured here, who passed this year.

With gratitude and affection,

George Strong,

4 Comments on “A Letter from our Administrator — Fern Lodge Focus September 2021”

  1. George, great photo! From another flower child, *Bud*! Hopkins (and of course, great Message too!)

  2. Thank you for the lovely photo of Ken. I knew him for many many years and everyone he came in contact with felt loved, Cared for, valued and safe in his presence. I am so grateful that while I was at Fern Lodge earlier this spring that I got reacquainted with him again. I am so grateful also that he found home and employment at Fern Lodge as have many others. Love to all! Betty Little

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