Letter from the Administrator – Continuity and Change

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By Brad Stock What is changing at Fern Lodge? What remains the same? Continuity: The foundations on which Fern Lodge is built will never change. Fern Lodge is based on Christian Science, the authority of the Bible, Mrs. Eddy’s revelation, and the spiritual power of authentic Christianity. We embrace prayer, community, family, home. We strive to exemplify the ministry of … Read More

November 2023 Newsletter – Witnessing the Light – Letter from the Administrator

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by Brad Stock Recently, a Christian Science nurse asked me to explain the difference between a practitioner and a Christian Science nurse. I once heard a simplistic answer: A Christian Science nurse is a practitioner who does windows. At a certain level, this is true, for a Christian Science nurse is a hands-on worker who meets practical human needs. But … Read More

August 2023 Newsletter – Joint Letter from George and Brad

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Every newsletter, we like to include a letter from our Administrator. As the role passes from George to Brad, they both wrote to the community discussing their shared ideas for operating Fern Lodge as a Matthew 25 Facility and what that means. George Strong: Matthew 25 and Christian Science Nursing In my mid-20s, I began studying Christian Science. Yes, I … Read More

Fern Lodge Focus — December 2021

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Dear Friends, The morning I prepared to write this letter, I read the Christian Science Bible Lesson. The subject was “God, the Only Cause and Creator.” The Bible verses included a story most of you know well. Christ Jesus was called to come quickly to the home of Jairus, an important leader in the community, who pleaded with the Master, … Read More

Letter from the Administrator (Nov 2019)

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Fern Lodge Focus — November 2019 Letter from the Administrator This has be a delightfully busy year at Fern Lodge. Our annual summer childcare program, FLOCK, recently wrapped up, and we said goodbye to Zack, who did a wonderful job with the children. Work has continued at the Redwood Community facility in Santa Rosa, and we are near the end … Read More

Gathering In The Good

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Early in the 1950s, a loving couple in the Hayward Christian Science church, Willard and Mindell Fern Cox, opened their home to help Christian Scientists. The tender care and support for Christian Science healing they provided led to ongoing and increasing requests for their services, and soon they purchased the house in Castro Valley that would become Fern Lodge. As … Read More

Fern Lodge Focus — October 2016

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[:en]As we look forward to the Fern Lodge Annual Meeting, I am reminded of Mary Baker Eddy’s 1896 message to the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church (Mis. page 127). In that message of encouragement and counsel, Mrs. Eddy includes her observation, “Hitherto, I have observed that in proportion as this church has smiled on His ‘little ones,’ He has … Read More