Letter from the Administrator (Nov 2019)

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Fern Lodge Focus — November 2019 Letter from the Administrator This has be a delightfully busy year at Fern Lodge. Our annual summer childcare program, FLOCK, recently wrapped up, and we said goodbye to Zack, who did a wonderful job with the children. Work has continued at the Redwood Community facility in Santa Rosa, and we are near the end … Read More

Gathering In The Good

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Early in the 1950s, a loving couple in the Hayward Christian Science church, Willard and Mindell Fern Cox, opened their home to help Christian Scientists. The tender care and support for Christian Science healing they provided led to ongoing and increasing requests for their services, and soon they purchased the house in Castro Valley that would become Fern Lodge. As … Read More

Fern Lodge Focus — October 2016

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[:en]As we look forward to the Fern Lodge Annual Meeting, I am reminded of Mary Baker Eddy’s 1896 message to the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church (Mis. page 127). In that message of encouragement and counsel, Mrs. Eddy includes her observation, “Hitherto, I have observed that in proportion as this church has smiled on His ‘little ones,’ He has … Read More

Message from the Administrator (June 2016)

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[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A few days ago I walked down the Fern Lodge hall past the living room where we hold a variety of meetings and activities, and I was touched to see a group of patients talking with Maira Vasquez, who works in the Fern Lodge kitchen and assists with patient activities. Maira was conducting our weekly hymn sing, and she and … Read More

Administrator Report 2015

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[:en]In 1895 Mary Baker Eddy said to Church members (Misc 147:3): “Another year has rolled on, another annual meeting has convened, another space of time has been given us and has another duty been done and another victory won for time and eternity? Do you meet in unity, preferring one another, and demonstrating the divine Principle of Christian Science? Have … Read More

Letter from the Administrator (June 2015)

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[:en] Dear Friends, The year since the last Annual Meeting of The Mother Church has seen in-depth focus on Christian Science nursing. Linda Kohler, President, and Caroleen Scholet, Manager of CS Nursing Acivities, have toured the world, having conversations about CS nursing with groups of Christian Scientists. We hope you have been able to attend and participate in one of … Read More

Message from the Administrator–Dec. 2014

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Dear Friends, The Fern Lodge Annual Meeting in November was inspiring and informative. In this Focus you will find articles derived from the reports given during the meeting and a synopsis of the talk given by Brad Stock, titled, “Mary Baker Eddy: A Lifetime of Service.” Interestingly, the Bible Lesson topic for the week of our meeting was Everlasting Punishment, … Read More