Administrator Report 2015

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[:en]In 1895 Mary Baker Eddy said to Church members (Misc 147:3): “Another year has rolled on, another annual meeting has convened, another space of time has been given us and has another duty been done and another victory won for time and eternity? Do you meet in unity, preferring one another, and demonstrating the divine Principle of Christian Science? Have … Read More

Letter from the Administrator (June 2015)

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[:en] Dear Friends, The year since the last Annual Meeting of The Mother Church has seen in-depth focus on Christian Science nursing. Linda Kohler, President, and Caroleen Scholet, Manager of CS Nursing Acivities, have toured the world, having conversations about CS nursing with groups of Christian Scientists. We hope you have been able to attend and participate in one of … Read More

Message from the Administrator–Dec. 2014

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Dear Friends, The Fern Lodge Annual Meeting in November was inspiring and informative. In this Focus you will find articles derived from the reports given during the meeting and a synopsis of the talk given by Brad Stock, titled, “Mary Baker Eddy: A Lifetime of Service.” Interestingly, the Bible Lesson topic for the week of our meeting was Everlasting Punishment, … Read More

Message from Administrator (Dec 2013)

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Dear Friends, The San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t often see snow, but on those rare mornings that come every few years, the hills near Fern Lodge are blanketed and frosted with the crystalline beauty familiar to our friends in cooler climates.  The photos on this page were taken on such a morning.  The stillness, grace, and beauty of the morning … Read More

What Makes Fern Lodge Unique

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Cherishing the ideals of home and family, demonstrating God’s benevolent supply  A wonderful community of around fifty Christian Science nursing facilities, services and homes is scattered through the United States and Europe.  We are grateful for the tender, loving Christian Science nursing that is provided by each of these organizations.  All of them offer similar services inspired by and grounded … Read More

Message from Administrator (Dec 2011)

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It’s a time for giving gratitude and spiritual gifts, to show our reverence for the coming of Christ to human consciousness.  We join our fellow Christians in honoring Christ Jesus and rejoicing in his teachings, his healings, and his precious example.  Jesus set the standard for our activities today.  The gospel message of Christ is for all time.  Mary Baker … Read More