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[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]George-and-Heather-retroA few days ago I walked down the Fern Lodge hall past the living room where we hold a variety of meetings and activities, and I was touched to see a group of patients talking with Maira Vasquez, who works in the Fern Lodge kitchen and assists with patient activities. Maira was conducting our weekly hymn sing, and she and the patients were sharing stories with each other. It was a scene overflowing with affection, joy, peace, and hope. I was touched deeply. Maira recently shared with me a testimony of healing (which you may read on page 7 of this Focus). Maira’s mother and grandmother both worked at Fern Lodge in the past, so we’ve had a long and loving relationship with her family.

That group in the living room demonstrated the family feeling that characterizes Fern Lodge, and it’s more than just a feeling: it is the palpable, living presence of divine Love that comes to the hearts of mankind bearing comfort and healing. Home and family, embraced in divine Love, might be another way to understand and express the mission of Fern Lodge: Our mission is to heal.

You may already have heard of a change at Fern Lodge. Our much-loved Director of Christian Science Nursing, Heather Beck, is moving with her family to St. Louis, MO, where her two children will attend Principia Upper School. Gratefully, Lin Watts, a Christian Science nurse and long-time friend of Fern Lodge, was available at just the right time to step into the DCSN position. Lin and Heather had the opportunity to work closely together for two weeks, and the transition has been smooth, easy, and characterized by joyous expectation of continuing progress.

We will miss Heather. Her steadfast spiritual devotion, her calm and gentle presence, and her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of Christian Science nursing care have been a blessing to Fern Lodge. The atmosphere she helped to establish and maintain will continue through the coming years.

Lin is listed in The Christian Science Journal and has worked as a Christian Science nurse at Fern Lodge and in facilities all over the country, in the field as a visiting Christian Science Nurse. He served as Director of Christian Science Nursing at El Dorado Vista, in Phoenix, AZ, and as the Director of Twelveacres, a Christian Science facility in Silicon Valley, CA, that serves Christian Scientists overcoming developmental challenges. Before he was called to Christian Science nursing, Lin’s devotion to Christian care and service led him to be a Special Education teacher and coach in public schools in the Seattle, WA, area.

We appreciate your interest in the good work being done at Fern Lodge. Together we can look forward to seeing Christian Science nursing leavening mankind’s thought in regard to our care for one another. I welcome comments or questions from anyone, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me any time.


George Strong

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  1. Congratulation for the triumph obtained in Fern Lodge all these years, blessing to all staff and residents of FERN LODGE.

  2. Hi George, Just wanted to thank you and your staff for your loving care of my sweet friend, Suzy Hameline. And also for the help several of your staff were to me on Saturday, the 25th, when at the last minute I realized that I could stop by and visit Suzy on my drive home to Grass Valley from Asilomar that day. I called ahead of time, and noted that I might show up around supper time. But for them that wasn’t a problem. I got there just as Suzy was finishing up her supper, and we had lovely, but rather short visit. She was so animated and happy to see me. We got to share some stories, and that is always so special. Thanks again for all you’re doing there at Fern Lodge. Sending much love.

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