Message from Administrator (Dec 2011)

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It’s a time for giving gratitude and spiritual gifts, to show our reverence for the coming of Christ to human consciousness.  We join our fellow Christians in honoring Christ Jesus and rejoicing in his teachings, his healings, and his precious example.  Jesus set the standard for our activities today.  The gospel message of Christ is for all time.  Mary Baker … Read More

From the Administrator (Nov 2011)

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As you can see from the photo, work on the Fern Lodge building project has progressed steadily, and before the end of November we expect to welcome visitors through the new entrance and into a gracious reception area.  For up-to-date photos of the progress, please visit our blog at “Every step of progress is a step more spiritual,” This … Read More

Message from Administrator (August 2011)

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The new Fern Lodge entrance building project is nearing completion, and our fall Focus will have photos.  This issue features a report from the Fern Lodge annual meeting last spring, including the complete text of the inspiring talk, “Living Eternal Life,” by Susan Breuer, C.S.  Inside you will hear from two dedicated volunteer readers and also from a Principia College … Read More

Gratitude for our Staff

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from George Strong, Administrator The Fern Lodge Focus and our website,, give us an opportunity to share with you insights into our work in the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing.  In our last issue, some of the Christian Science nurses on our staff told what brought them into Christian Science nursing.  Now we will let some of the … Read More

Message from the Administrator 2008

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The Role of the Church Manual in Christian Science Church–100 Years of Discipline Christian Science nursing is a timeless expression of Christ’s love. It is one way Christians can fulfill Christ Jesus’ command, “Love one another as I have loved you.” All who seek to follow Jesus’ example and demonstrate Christian Science healing must include simple kindness and care for … Read More

Slaying Modern Goliaths

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excerpts from a talk by George Strong Think about the Story in 1 Samuel 17. The giant, Goliath, challenged Israel, shouting, “Choose your man to meet me. If I kill him, you shall be our slaves.” For forty days, he repeated his challenge. David, a young shepherd, came forward to meet Goliath, putting his trust in God. David chose five … Read More