Letter from the Administrator (May 2018)

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Last year Fern Lodge celebrated 50 years of service as a Christian Science nursing facility. What’s next? The vista above is less than 10 minutes from us, and I go there regularly just to rejoice in the fulness of God’s creation and ponder the progress of Fern Lodge. Right now the hills are overflowing with newness of life, and we all love Spring’s reminder of freshness and promise.

Fern Lodge, too, is active with renewal, freshness, and promise. Late last year, as we announced at our Annual Meeting, Lin Watts took the position of Executive Director at Broadview, our sister Christian Science nursing facility in Los Angeles. After much prayer among our board and staff, we were glad to welcome Deanna Proctor as Director of Christian Science Nursing. Deanna has been with us for a couple of months, and we are deeply grateful for her devotion to Christian Science nursing, her cherishing of patients and staff, and her genuine affection for Fern Lodge.

For seven years, Fern Lodge has participated in the federal Medicare and state Medi-Cal programs. Although both of these government programs have provided significant funding to pay the cost of Christian Science nursing, we always have been aware of compromises to the pure practice of Christian Science that are required for our facility to be reimbursed. We are grateful to announce that we have begun the process of withdrawal from these programs.

On the back page you’ll find information about the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing. This Fund will provide financial assistance for patients who receive Christian Science nursing at Fern Lodge, and this aid will be helpful as we move away from participation in government programs.

Good news! Christian Science nursing facilities around the world are planning to celebrate Christian Science Nursing on the weekend of September 29&30. Each organization will present a program to help share with our communities the good news—the gospel message that Christian Science nursing is a vital healing activity of the public practice of Christian Science. We will share more about what Fern Lodge offer to its community in the the coming months.

More good news!! In support of our healing mission and our progressive steps, the Fern Lodge staff will join in reading Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures. We will share ideas we find that uphold and encourage us. We invite you to join us.

With gratitude and affection,

George Strong


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