Letter from the Administrator (October 2018)

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It’s been a wonderful summer, and we have much to tell you! First, I just want to reaffirm with you our dedication to the healing truths of Christian Science. Once again the Fern Lodge staff will be reading Science and Health together. We earnestly seek to gain and share with each other the truths that help us to realize that our individual Christian Science nursing practice is the daily, effortless expression of the love of divine Love, which embraces and enfolds each dear child of Her care.

Since school is back in session, we miss the joyous sounds of children every day at Fern Lodge. Our FLOCK summer childcare program always is a blessing for our staff members, their children, and the patients we serve.

We are so glad to let you know about Fern Lodge’s current cooperation with Redwood Community in Santa Rosa. Our two organizations are in the process of merging, with the outcome of reopening the Redwood Community facility to offer Christian Science nursing services in northwestern California. The facility will be able to provide places for up to five Christian Scientists who need assistance while they pray for a demonstration of home and for healing in Christian Science.

Save these dates. The Fern Lodge Annual Meeting is fast approaching. It will be held on Saturday, November 17, in Santa Rosa, in support of the cooperative mission to reopen Redwood Community. Then, on Saturday, February 2, 2019, we will offer an inspiring program on the topic, The Vital Role of Testimonies in the Christian Science Church. Dr. Joan Bradley, former professor at Principia College, will conduct this workshop. More information on both of these events is on the back page.

Fern Lodge is grateful to welcome Brian Stock back. For the past two years he has been working with The Principle Foundation to launch the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing, which has helped many who have received Christian Science nursing care at Fern Lodge, and also from Christian Science nurses in homes and facilities across the country. Brian has taken on additional responsibilities as Operations Manager, and he is leading our work with Redwood Community. We also are happy to have Brian’s wife, Jamie, back with us, helping to implement many special projects, including reorganizing the artwork in our hallways.

With gratitude and affection,

George Strong


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  1. Hi George!
    I loved your Letter from Administrator. You write as lovingly as you speak. I was not aware of your Redwood Community housing project. How wonderful. Thank you for the blessing Fern Lodge continues to be for the bay area, and mankind. I miss hearing all administrator voices on our monthly RNHCI calls and hope that at some point we can create a venue for that opportunity. In the meantime, much love and gratitude to you and to Fern Lodge.
    Pam Ludwig
    Sunland Home

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