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When I was newly Journal-listed as a Christian Science nurse, I worked in the field on private duty cases. I remember my eyes being opened to the possibilities of Christian Science nurses working together more as a team. I had several cases I was visiting every day and found the calls just kept coming. I started to feel overwhelmed. Then I got a call from a fellow Christian Science nurse asking if I could help one of her patients with a shower the following day. I asked her if she could do a bandage for one of my patients the same day. It worked out for both of us to take the other’s case and meet the individual needs of those dear members. The way that worked out was like a little miracle to my thought. This type of cooperation continued with different Christian Science nurses in the field. We would call each other, often for support, but also to find ways to meet the needs of all who were calling. I often wondered why there wasn’t a team of visiting Christian Science nurses in all the metropolitan areas of the country.

Some years later, I was working for a Christian Science nursing facility that had several patients who needed two nurses to give the care needed. The Christian Science nurses became so willing to help each other because the needs of the patients outweighed the need to stick to our own schedules. Again, this was a little miracle to my thought.

About three months ago, Fern Lodge’s dear Director of Christian Science Nursing (DCSN) moved away. The Director of Christian Science Nurses Training and I began supporting the nursing floor. As we all prayed for a new DCSN to join us, something amazing started to happen at the facility. Knowing that we didn’t have a DCSN, everyone started to pitch in and help. Other departments took on some of the paperwork, the Kitchen took on some of the duties to support the Christian Science nurses, the Maintenance Department began offering to take on certain duties, and the Housekeeping and Christian Science nursing departments found ways to support each other. I realized one day that all of the departments were working as a team. Instead of the Christian Science nursing department being put first, we all were supporting each other’s need to support the patients. The business office, the kitchen, housekeeping, and maintenance all support the Christian Science nursing department daily. So, if anyone from those areas needs something from the Christian Science nurses or the DCSN in order to get their own job done, we respond in a timely manner to support them. This began happening effortlessly. No one had to ask that this be done.

Also, the Christian Science nurses began helping each other more without being asked to do so. Traditionally, the DCSN position is there to ensure the harmonious running of the nursing floor. Often, the Christian Science nurses will rely on that individual in ways that do not promote their own growth. If personal sense should crop up between individuals, they may go to the DCSN to settle the matter, instead of humbling their hearts to see the true man in each other and then move forward. Sometimes we don’t let each other grow. Our view of each other helps or hinders our growth. Lately Christian Science nurses have been sharing with me how they have worked out a situation on their own and telling me they feel buoyed by God and have more confidence to handle future challenges.

The idea of working as a team is based in Christianity. What I’ve learned from my own practice of Christianity is that when our relationship to God is intact, He sends us out to help each other.

I took the DCSN position on one condition—that we all continue to work as a team like we did when we did not have one. Everyone agreed, and Fern Lodge is a happier place because of it!

Go team!

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  1. Congratulations on your new position! You have a wonderful attitude about it. I second your sentiment: Go Team!

  2. Hi Deb, I just posted a comment before I read you letter and was so grateful to feel the one Mind at work in this facility. And why not!! Very happy for you in your appointed position and the teamwork that makes it “Love’s divine adventure”.Mary Beker Eddy. Hope to see you sometime, Love Patricia Stewart.

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