Christian Science Nursing Education (2013)

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Preach the gospel!  Share the good news that Christ is here, demonstrating the love of God, the Love that is God. Christians are sent “into all the world” to preach the gospel to everyone. In this age the gospel message includes the revelation of Christian Science, teaching and demonstrating the healing and saving grace of God.  Christian Science nursing is a vital aspect of the fullness of the gospel.  What better news is there than the fact that God cares for His children, and in turn we reflect that care in the loving aid we give for others?  Sharon Strong, Director of Christian Science Nursing Education, shares this good news in every facet of the Fern Lodge Christian Science nursing education program.

The individuals in this year’s classes show our eagerness to embrace the world.  They have come from California and Colorado, Kenya and Peru.  Fern Lodge has held Christian Science nursing workshops and a nursing course in South America, and we expect to return this year.

janine_1My experience taking Cleansing & Bandaging class at Fern lodge this past winter brought a unique opportunity to share with two other fellow nursing students: one from Brazil, and another in Colorado, with whom we shared class over Skype. This was a unique and joyful experience. We could see her smile, and also examples of her work on our computer.  With our camera, we could share with her close up images of our work, showing how to correctly align the bandaging.  It took the spirit of loving-kindness and cooperation to make the learning moments work for all. Our most kind, patient and technically able Instructor [Sharon Strong] helped to make it all possible.

We shared our laughter just like we were all sitting in the room together.  We started each day with daily inspiration quotes from the Bible or Science and Health, poems or hymns, or word-delving for the spiritual meaning of words in the dictionary.  Our friend from Brazil uses a number of online resources as she works to understand words and ideas in her native tongue of Portuguese. Given all these options, it was a very enriching learning process. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and will always cherish its unique and special exchange in my learning of Christian Science nursing.

I am grateful to Fern Lodge, and also The Principle Foundation, and The Albert Baker Fund for their assistance and generous support for the learning experience of Christian Science Nursing.

— Janine Oubré


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